Solid Tine Venting Greens


Last week, with the anticipation of higher temperatures, rainfall, and humidity the greens were solid tine aerated and sanded.  This non-disruptive procedure is completed in a very short period of time with minimum disruption to the putting surface.  The picture above shows a small channel approximately .250 inch in diameter and 2 inches deep.

 The purpose of this monthly procedure is to help our greens benefit from an increase in oxygen, water and gas exchange.  Saturated soil from heavy rains can lead to anaerobic soil conditions.  This essential process helps the turfgrass plant better cope with temperature and moisture extremes through increased oxygen availability and drainage.

All cultural practices will be carried out in such a way as to minimize the impact to membership with the ultimate goal of providing superior, healthier putting surfaces.

The Art of Beekeeping

By all accounts the mild winter and warm spring temperatures have certainly helped our honey bee colonies.  Our Beekeeper is hard at work smoking the hives and checking on the Queens. Their protected meadow and early season supply of wild flowers can only help to produce a bumper crop of honey this season. Enjoy the taste of their hard work in The Hunt and The Hound Honey Brown!

Golf Course Update

It has been a very active few weeks in LHCC Grounds since the last blog post. Now that the golf course has been open for a few months the maintenance programs are in full swing.     


Over the past 2 weeks the grounds crew have been hard at work preparing the course for regular daily play along with the first Member/Member golf event. By all accounts the weather and course came together for an exciting and enjoyable weekend for all.

This season, the putting surfaces on alternate weeks have been and will continue to be verticut, topdressed and spiked. This process helps to control grain, aids in enhancing surface firmness as well as smoothing the surface of the greens. The solid spiking that occurred last week was performed in a timely manner just before our first real rains of the season. This procedure will help with water and air penetration into the putting greens which promotes rooting and healthier turf.

Greens are being fed weekly with a combination of foliar fertilizers, micro nutrients and a growth regulator.  This application helps keep the plant nutritionally balanced without excessive surge growths that can occur with heavy granular feedings. The growth regulator used this season improves turf density, plant heath and in general, improved playability on the putting surfaces.

Fairways have received a spring feeding over the past 2 weeks along with a surfactant treatment to help with water movement and repellency.  The sandy loam soils are well draining at London Hunt and we would like to keep the fairways firm and dry when possible.

The Horticulture crew has been hard at work the past 10 days preparing and planting the annuals for the season. The many beds, hanging baskets and containers will provide a beautiful showcase of colour. Fresh mulch has been added to the front gate tree wells in addition to the parking lot beds. Further additions of mulch to the garden beds will be added as needed.


New sprinkler lids have been installed on the golf course fairway heads to help with distance and yardage decisions.  These measurements reflect the front, middle and back distances to the green. Along with these new sprinkler lids the fairway heads will receive regular trimming this summer.

The bunker crew will be starting an extensive bunker edging project this week. The bunker crew will edge green side bunkers over the next week or two prior to moving into the fairway bunkers. The purpose of edging bunkers is to define the edge of the hazard and to reduce the potential for grass growing in the perimeter of the bunkers. Edging also provides a sharp margin on the edge of the bunkers that enhances aesthetics while providing an opportunity to re-grade and shape the bunker sides and bottoms. This bunker edging process will take a significant amount of energy and will last a few weeks.

All cultural practices will be carried out in such a way as to minimize the impact to Membership with the ultimate goal of providing superior, healthier playing surfaces.