Winter Weather Swings Continue…



The above weather charts show a clear pattern of unpredictability.  The cold dry stretch of mid January was soon followed by a short, intense blast of warm temperatures and heavy rain.

The rain event from this week has caused the 10th Green Pond Restoration Project to be temporarily halted. Work will continue when water levels recede and temperatures return to normal lows.

The heavy rain, warm weather and quick snow melt caused a significant amount of surface water throughout the golf course. The Grounds Staff were busy removing any standing water from the greens with the aid of squeegees. This was carried out to prevent the formation of sheet ice. Temperatures are expected to drop significantly over the next 24 to 48 hours.


Retaining Wall Installation Begins…

2013-01-31aDue to last week’s cold temperatures the 10th Green Pond Restoration Project  proceeded on schedule. Approximately 100,000 cubic feet of pond sediment and organic matter was removed prior to the placement of 4 – 6 inch gabion stone. This base coarse serves to level and support the double row of Armour Stone below.

A Hydraulic Excavator is used to carefully place each stone weighing 3000 kg. Over the next 3 days approximately 160 feet of retaining wall was built.  However, the project came to an immediate stop with the excessively warm temperatures and heavy rains experienced this week.

2013-01-31b2013-01-31cMore pictures of the rain event to follow…….

10th Green Pond Restoration Project

2013-01-23aThe 10th Green Pond Restoration Project is now underway.

With temperatures dropping well below freezing this week now is the ideal time for our contractor to begin work.

A haul road has been established to move rock, equipment and dredging material to and from the pond site.

2013-01-23b2013-01-23cA large Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavator has been placed into the pond and is in the early stages of stockpiling and removing accumulated sediment.  An Articulated Truck is busy hauling the material away to be deposited into a natural clearing.  This organic material will dry over time, blending nicely into the forest floor.

Further updates and pictures will be posted as progress continues.

All cultural practices will be carried out in such a way as to minimize the impact to Membership with the ultimate goal of providing superior, healthier playing surfaces.

Winter Grounds Update

2013-01-18aThe average temperatures in late December and early January were consistently cold and below zero, however, a record high temperature and rain event January 12th caused all snow accumulation to melt free from all greens. Fortunately, no standing water and re-freezing occurred during this time and all surfaces appear healthy and well.

2013-01-18bThe #10 Pond Retaining Wall Project, delayed last winter due to mild temperatures, has been well staged this season to take advantage of the right opportunity. A cold stretch of weather is anticipated this week and into next, allowing for the start and completion of the project. Extended cold temperatures are needed to help freeze the soil, improve efficiencies and minimize construction traffic damage.


A diesel generator, water pump and heavy track equipment are now in place.  Work is anticipated to begin January 21st taking advantage of potentially the only window of opportunity this winter season.  Further updates and pictures will be posted throughout the project.