The Weather Finally Co-operates, The 10th Green Pond Restoration Project Now Complete!

Heavy rains, snow melt and warm temperatures forced an immediate delay of the 10th Green Pond Restoration Project on January 29th. The water level of the Thames River caused some temporary flooding of the 10th fairway and was of some concern to the partially constructed retaining wall. Fortunately, the water levels subsided January 31st with a sudden drop in temperature and no additional precipitation.


A 6 inch diesel pump was needed to remove approximately 1.6 million gallons of water from the pond before the project continued. The use of two large excavators expedited the project and all of the heavy stone work was completed on February 12th.

2013-02-15b      2013-02-15c2013-02-15d2013-02-15e


Above:  A view of the 10th fairway from the green.

Below:  A view of the completed stone work from the 10th fairway.


All cultural practices will be carried out in such a way as to minimize the impact to membership with the ultimate goal of providing superior, healthier playing surfaces.