April Showers…?


Opening Day Course Preparations

With Opening Day fast approaching the Greens Maintenance Department have been busy preparing the golf course. The tremendous amount of rainfall received this week will not affect the April 13 opening; however, it has impeded our progress.

The following course activities have been completed by the Greens Maintenance Department over the past two weeks and include:

  • Winter debris and branches cleaned and removed
  • Spring raking and dressing of landscaped beds
  • Greens, tees, fairways rolled and cut
  • Fertilizer amendments applied to greens, tees and fairways
  • Par 3 white tee decks aerified, seeded and covered for spring recovery from late season play
  • Range tee aerified, seeded and fertilized
  • Forward tee deck on number 2 stripped and re-graded
  • 10 pond backfilled and compacted prior to final grading
  • Undergrowth and brush removed from greens complexes 7,8,9 and 10
  • Greenside bunkers 10 through 18 cleaned of surface debris, sand re-allocated, tamped and graded.

2013-04-12b 2013-04-12c 2013-04-12d

2013-04-12e 2013-04-12f

The three plus inches of rain received over the past few days has super-saturated the golf course leading to flooded conditions. The wet soil is not yet ready to withstand regular cart traffic and needs time to drain. The extended forecast is for warmer temperatures and sunny skies to soon follow. On behalf of the entire Greens Maintenance Department, we wish the Membership an enjoyable golf season.


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