Upper Thames Regional Conservation Authority Update: Spring Melt Progressing Slowly….


The glacier like deposits of ice and snow are finally receding across the golf course, exposing signs of a long winter. Over the coming days a significant amount of solid water in the form of snow and ice will melt and flow into the Thames River basin. A brief update from the UTRCA below indicates early flood control measures are in place. Please follow our twitter and blog updates for further course conditions.

“A relatively cool and dry spring thus far has produced some melting of the snowpack over the past several days. Warm daytime temperatures of near 10 degrees Celsius are forecast for the next two days, with temperatures dropping closer to zero overnight. There is no rain in the short-term forecasts, but the warm temperatures will cause water levels to rise above where they have been for the last several days. Serious flooding is not anticipated at this time.

A snow survey taken today indicates that the southern portion of the Upper Thames River basin has an average of about 30-40 mm of water equivalent with 40-50% coverage remaining. In the north there is still mostly 100% snow coverage, with an average water equivalent of 60-70 mm. We expect most of this remaining snow to be melted by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Residents are reminded to use extreme caution near all watercourses. Any remaining ice cover is unstable and dangerous, stream banks are slippery, and water is very cold

Flood control reservoirs at Fanshawe, Wildwood and Pittock are at seasonal levels, and will be operated to reduce the effects of flooding. UTRCA officials are monitoring the situation and will report on any changing conditions as necessary.”


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